Hi folks! Didn't post an update last week; makes more sense to do these less frequently, I think? I'm kinda new to all this, so bear with me.

Anyway, over the past two weeks I've added a bunch of stuff! First up:

A Survey!
Yup, I made a survey. It's meant for writers, asking what genre(s) they write, what they read, and how the two interact. More responses are better, so please spread the word!

...and two new Reading posts:
The Painful Relevance of A Room of One's Own

If you haven’t read it (I’m betting most people haven’t, as it’s unencouragingly dense with Woolf’s typical long-winded and tangential style), it’s basically a compilation of Woolf’s thoughts on woman writers of fiction, from what is necessary to be a woman writer (shock of shocks, one needs a room of one’s own) to the various obstacles facing female scholars.

By the end of the first paragraph, I was fairly overwhelmed by the fact that this issue being written about eighty-five years ago is still entirely relevant today—not necessarily to the same extent as Woolf was facing (in the U.S., at least), and certainly not only to the gender-spectrum she’s addressing here, but there were more parallels than I could stomach silently.

Review: Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist

Sorry, Brandon Sanderson -- I've loved everything else of yours that I've read, but this one couldn't even inspire me to finish it.

And that's despite the fact that it's a middle-grade* novel that would only take a couple hours of dedicated reading to get through.

On paper (this is secretly a pun, because it has a drawing-based magic system), this book should have been awesome. An academy setting, fascinating alternate-history worldbuilding, and a Brandon Sanderson Magic System (TM)? What's not to love?

In coming weeks... who knows? I have several things on file, but I'm notably awful at remembering what I said I'd put up, so no promises. Probably something Writing-related. 

But I guarantee at least one post added each week. Hopefully.

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