Another Tuesday, another batch of blog posts! In the Writing section, I've put together a list of ways to make characters change:

Why Change? Four Reasons for a Character to Evolve, and Their Uses

I recently read this article by Bradley P. Beaulieu, discussing ways in which characters change and grow and whether or not this is necessary to a good story. This had me thinking not only about the ways in which characters might change, but the reasons for them—what inspires characters to change, either consciously or unconsciously, and which of these are most effective for a story? ...
...and in the Reading section, there's a new review:

Review: Richard Yates's REVOLUTIONARY ROAD

This book is sharply different from any I would normally read, but I picked it up because a writing teacher claimed that it was her favorite, and that the novel I was working on reminded her of it—she wouldn't tell me how or why, only that I needed to read it for myself. So now I have, and I do see the resemblance, though I'll not go into it overmuch here. ...
That's all for this week! Next time'll be the promised post about revising, and maybe another review. Maybe not! Keeping you on your toes.

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